Trapia Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Trapia Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a joint venture  corporation duly organized under the Malaysian law. GenoMar AS of Norway owns 85 % of the shares through its 100% owned daughter company, GenoMar Production AS. The Malaysian partner company, Dalefin Holding Sdn Bhd./SADC, holds the remaining 15% of the joint venture company.

Trapia is a Traceable Tilapia, whose origin and identity can be verified by means of DNA technology. Trapia is produced using GenoMar Supreme Tilapia fingerlings to grow market size tilapia in GenoMar’s own grow-out facilities. Each fingerlings used is “pre-tagged”,  traceable and verifiable throughout the value chain.

Headquartered in Ipoh in the State of Perak, the company was granted the right to operate its eco-friendly farm in the pristine rainforest-fed fresh water lakes of Tasik Temenggor of  the Perak River system.

This unique pollution-free growth-out environment enables Trapia to produce a safe, sustainable and healthy product of the highest quality that exceeds global aquaculture standards.  Our ability to secure such a privileged grow-out environment is a living testimony to the company’s total commitment to responsible stewardship in environmental protection, responsible farming and the socio-economic contribution to the community we are intrinsically part of.

We set a new industrial standard in food safety by being the first company in the world to implement a state-of-the art “egg to plate” tamper-proof traceability system that is DNA-verified - the GenopassTM verification system.

The lush environment and the pristine waters where the fish thrives. Trapia@ Lake Temenggor.