Trapia enters 2014 with ASC certification.
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 Trapia is producing tilapia in the pristine waters of Lake Temenggor surrounded by the lush green forest environment. Starting in 2009, Trapia has already become one of the leading producers when it comes to sustainability and compliance with leading seafood standards. To read more about which standards please click here!

Our tilapia has the best conditions in the pristine waters of Lake Temenggor!

A sustainable choice.

Global; the production of trapia is sustainable. The production of trapia contributes positively to the production of animal protein. Why? This is because the total amount of wet fish needed to produce one kg of tilapia is only 0,6 kg.

Local; the production of trapia is considered successful because it is done with high consideration to the local and global environment. Trapia is in cooperation with the local and central authorities contributing towards a strict regulatory framework to look after the natural resources, people and the environment where Trapia is operating.

Social responsibility: Trapia looks after the well-being of the employees in every step of the value chain.  Trapia cares about the future of the local community, and contributes accordingly. It is important for the long term vision and the final product that the local community regards the presence of Trapia highly. 

A healthy, tasty, quality choice.

Healthy; Trapia is a healthy choice of food. The fish is low in calories, total fat, saturated fat and carbohydrates- in other words a source of high quality animal protein.

Tasty; Trapia has a mild flavour, and the texture is firm. There are no bones. The fish takes added flavour very well, and because of the mild taste it can easily be included in the selection of healthy every day main meal choices for families. This fish represents a unique story.  Thus, it is a high quality product that is well suited for health-conscious and quality-seeking consumers.

Quality; the Trapia management makes sure every step from egg-to-plate is according to the highest standard. The quality of each product is controlled throughly. The supply is consistent due to the focus on quality in each step, and the production is happening all year round. The fish is all natural.

An inspiring choice.

Trapia is a versatile and high quality ingredient. Be inspired to make new dishes with this ingredient! Recipes normally associated with meat can be transformed into a favourite fish meal for the entire family- kids included.  

An attentive choice

The trapia is handled with care. The living conditions of the trapia are in a pristine, man-made lake surrounded by rain-forest. The fish is kept with low stocking density. The transport of the fish is done while it is alive under constant monitoring. The fish is then subjected to percussive stunning. All is done with care for the fish, the product and ultimately you as the consumer.

An innovative choice.

With trapia you can trace the product through the entire value chain back to the broodstock. In addition you can verify that the unique story is true with the DNA verification system Genopass ™ .The story presented is innovative and sets a standard for the entire aquaculture industry.